Since 1985 PowerBoss has been manufacturing a full line of rugged industrial cleaning equipment. Innovative design features and cost effective reliable operation have proven to be why our customers continue to choose PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers. Worldwide factory trained service and parts distributors provide timely response to keep your PowerBoss equipment performing in the most demanding environments. Contact us today and speak with an experienced PowerBoss representative about surveying your facility for a free product demonstration. PowerBoss is part of a family of three companies manufacturing a full line of maintenance products, including Minuteman critical air vacuums, industrial and commercial vacuums, sweepers and scrubbers, floor and carpet machines and Multi-Clean chemicals for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.


  • Easy company to do business with
  • High quality components
  • State of the art products
  • Strong commitment to the environment
  • Innovative solutions
  • Service and support
  • Customer-driven


PowerBoss prides itself on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and being able to provide innovative solutions. With this in mind, we offer the Aqua-Stop system, maintenance free gel batteries,on-board chargers, simplified controls and many other advancements that support our customers and the green movement.


Our Blue initiatives meet Green cleaning standards, but provide even more features specific to industrial applications and environments. Water conservation, clean air, clean energy, lower chemical reliance, lower emissions and a safer work environment are just a few of the Blue hallmarks. Ask about our Blue brochure!


At PowerBoss, we put safety and quality first! Our orange machine color promotes a safer work environment. Orange is a universal color to call awareness to safety and our machines are designed to be seen. In a busy industrial environment, a PowerBoss machine will be easy to detect. This will keep the operator, and others in the work environment, safer. The check mark will be on PowerBoss machines to ensure that each piece of equipment has been safety and quality checked. You receive a high quality guarantee when you see the check mark on your machine.


Aqua-Stop is a great new feature on many PowerBoss scrubbers. In an effort to preserve chemical and water usage, Aqua-Stop is at the forefront of brush technology. A 50% savings of water and chemical can be expected as the system keeps them where they need to be, inside the brush deck. Water will not spin to the sides of the brush head as is typical on most scrubbers. Not only will you save on water and chemical, but the cleaning power is concentrated at the brush, providing for a pristine path the first time.


High standards mean that you get peace of mind when you buy PowerBoss equipment. We ensure that the most stringent standards of quality are met. We also have a staff of dedicated quality control managers to see that our products are made to the highest standards.


We’re here to help. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff members, from customer service, product managers, service technicians and sales, are here to support you from selection of equipment to after-sales support.