At PowerBoss, we know something about combination sweeper-scrubbers, as we’re the innovators of the industry’s first true sweeper-scrubber the PowerBoss TSS 82 (1982). Sweeper-scrubbers achieve optimal cleaning results, as they perform both sweeping and scrubbing functions in a single pass. We recognize there are a variety of performance demands, and we are pleased to offer a variety of combination machines ranging from our variety of integrated sweeper-scrubbers to our traditional true sweeper-scrubber.

Nautilus, Nautilus HD (High Dump) and Nautilus E (Electric)
Integrated Sweeper-Scrubbers
Integrated sweeper-scrubbers efficiently scrub and sweep with a single set of dual cylindrical or tubular brushes.  Many industrial customers prefer integrated sweeper-scrubbers as it offers a more compact design and less operator functions than a traditional or true sweeper scrubber. The Nautilus and Nautilus HD (High Dump) and Nautilus E are widely considered the workhorses of the scrubbing industry.  The agricultural all steel constructed frames reflect the strength and performance of the flagship products within the PowerBoss rider scrubber offering.  The Nautilus series is outfitted with stainless-steel scrubbing decks, resisting corrosion and expensive repairs for the life of the machines. Most impressive is the optional onboard self-generating hot water system, TGT (Nautilus and HD only). By harnessing the temperature created by the internal engine, cleaning water temperatures are increased as much as +70 degrees above ambient temperature.  This heated water can significantly improve the cleaning results in numerous applications.  In addition, the Nautilus offers simple no tools change brushes/squeegees, 1-touch operation, and common industrial safety solutions.
Scrubmaster B400 RH (Electric)
True Sweeper-Scrubber
A true sweeper-scrubber offers independent dry sweeping functions and a separate wet scrubbing system all within the footprint of a single machine. Surfaces are cleaned 2x in a single pass (once by sweeping and then scrubbing). The B400 RH offers an industry leading tank capacity of 105 gallons, providing less empty/refill cycles and more time for productive cleaning.  Simple 1-touch buttons and upfront steering, make the B400 RH simple to use for all operators.  Standard features include LCD operator panel, self-loading brushes, self-cleaning squeegee, solution tank water level indicators, and onboard diagnostics.  Customers that prefer a traditional or true sweeper-scrubbers include warehousing, distribution centers, manufacturing, and large open spaces with polished concrete
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