Autonomous Floor Care


Do more with less. The Scrubmaster AMR offers reliable cleaning performance and industry-leading robotic guidance technology.  Simple “teach and repeat” or “fill-in” function for up to 60 programmable routes (storage/memorization). Clean all areas without disruption as the Scrubmaster AMR can self-navigate through doorways narrow as 36”.  Minimal operator engagement with 1-touch stop/start button for continuous hours of operation. The base machine includes Brain IOS software, Lidar, 3/2D cameras, a touch screen, and 3-years of software updates. Manufactured in the USA, all steel frame, and durable rotomolded exterior for long-lasting results.


Key Features:
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Brain IOS – Lidar, 2/3D cameras, Integrated Touch Screen, 4G cellular modem
  • Includes 3-Years of Autonomous Operation and Updates (extension available)
  • 20” Scrubbing Path
  • Superior Water Pick-Up – Articulating Parabolic Primothane Squeegee
  • Teach and Repeat or Fill-In Feature for Programming
  • 16-Gallon Solution and 16-Gallon Recovery Tank
  • 24,500 ft^2 estimated coverage (single charge)
  • Autonomous or Manual Mode (Conventional) Operation
  • Lithium Ion Battery (Option)
  • Safety Front and Rear (Amber) Flashing Light
  • Off-Board Charger


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Cleaning path: 20 in/50.8 cm
Productivity per hour theoretical max manual mode: 24,500 ft2 / 3106m2
Brush RPM: 175
Solution tank: 16 gal/60.5 L
Recovery tank including demising chamber: 16 gal/60.5 L
System voltage: 24 volts
Battery run time: Up to 4 hours
Battery: 230 Ah AGM
Weight empty: 343 lbs/155.5 kg
Weight empty with batteries: 615 lbs/279 kg
Length: 55.5 in/140.9 cm
Width: 26 in/66 cm
Height: 47.5 in/120.6cm