Sweeping is the first essential step in every cleaning process. PowerBoss is proud to offer a wide range of industrial rider sweepers engineered to excel in every application. The PowerBoss family of rider sweepers provides industrial performance, unmatched dust control, and superior reliability. Our product line consists of two categories: Internal combustion (Armadillo 6x, 9x, 10x, and Atlas), and Electric (Apex 47, Apex 58, and the all-new Sweepmaster 1500). The variety of sizes and power sources, present the ideal sweeping solution for numerous applications including parking ramps, foundries, warehouses, distribution centers, general contractor/construction applications, and environmental containment.

Armadillo Series – 6x, 9x, 10x

Severe environment solutions can be found within the 3 versatile platforms of the Armadillo Series. This offers customers the right sized machine, without sacrificing sweeping performance. Cleaning widths of 36-84”, hopper capacity of 10-30ft^3, and emptying capacity from 650-2,000 lbs. The PowerBoss Armadillo sweeper series includes all cast iron Kubota motors and a proprietary feature called RTR (rotary trash relocator). This benefit allows operators to compact or relocate debris during the sweeping process. This results in less time emptying than traditional sweepers. The all-steel construction interior and exterior offers a true weatherproof machine. Mechanics prefer the Armadillo as it offers a swing out engine (9x and 10x) for routine maintenance and full serviceability. The all-hydraulic design offers long lasting reliability and simple operation. Silica dust solutions and high dust solutions are available on all Armadillo sweepers (water suppression, HEPA filtration, and MERV-17 solutions).


The PowerBoss Atlas sweeper provides superior sweeping performance and unmatched dust control in a direct throw clam shell designed platform. The Atlas offers a significantly impressive sweeping path ranging from 64-84” and hopper capacity of 16ft^3 and emptying weight capacity of 1,200 lbs. Built with a reliable Kubota engine and all steel construction the Atlas offers weatherproof design. Hydraulic functions and an easy-access engine compartment ensure maintenance is efficient and accessible. An operator’s safety window compliments it’s high dumping emptying height of 60”. Additional dust suppression options available including HEPA, MERV-17 and water misting solutions. General construction, parking lots, high usage rental companies prefer the simplicity and reliability of the Atlas.

Apex 47, 58 and All New Sweepmaster 1500 for 2022!

The PowerBoss Apex Series and Sweepmaster 1500 offer significant sweeping footprints with the ergonomic features necessary for today’s operators. The upfront and centered sweeping position, captains comfort seat make operating a sweeper a luxurious task. Front wheel drive, and clean sight lines allow for maximum visibility and up-close damage-less effectiveness. Simple 1-touch electric components offer versatile operator usage and confidence. The overthrow design of the sweeping system allows operators to maximize the usage of the debris hopper, as it’s filled bottom to top ensuring full filling and less time emptying. Reduce side brush airborne dust with the Apex 58 and Sweepmaster 1500 as they both offer side brush speed control. Choose manual or automatic emptying on the Apex 47 low dump or High dump. Sweep dust free with industry leading dust filtration and containment. Common customers that choose the Apex or Sweepmaster series include, warehousing, logistics, food and beverage manufacturers, large indoor applications and anywhere battery is preferred over internal combustion.


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