The rider scrubber family of products from PowerBoss provides customers with superior construction, simple operation, and a lifetime of brilliant cleaning results. Each individual PowerBoss rider scrubber offers its own individual list of proprietary features ranging from agricultural steel constructed frames, onboard self-generating hot water cleaning technology (TGT), stainless steel scrubbing decks, and self-cleaning squeegees. Our solutions include machine customization and the industry’s best warranty. Internal combustion (LPG, Gasoline, and Diesel) offering includes the Nautilus and Nautilus HD. Electric or battery operable equipment includes the Nautilus E and Scrubmaster Series (B120, B175, B260).

The Nautilus Series:

The Nautilus and Nautilus HD (High Dump) and Nautilus E are widely considered the workhorses of the scrubbing industry. The agricultural all steel constructed frames reflect the strength and performance of the flagship products within the PowerBoss rider scrubber offering. The Nautilus series is outfitted with stainless-steel scrubbing decks, resisting corrosion and expensive repairs for the life of the machines. Most impressive is the optional onboard self-generating hot water system, TGT (Nautilus and HD only). By harnessing the temperature created by the internal engine, cleaning water temperatures are increased as much as +70 degrees above ambient temperature. This heated water can significantly improve the cleaning results in numerous applications. In addition, the Nautilus offers simple no tools to change brushes/squeegees, 1-touch operation, and common industrial safety solutions.

The Scrubmaster Series:

The Scrubmaster Series (B120, B175 and B260) from PowerBoss offers operator comfort, industrial durability, and a variety of platform sizes to meet the needs of today’s electric or battery customers. The Series offers the ideal machine for all electric applications. Cleaning widths from 28-48”, solution/water capacity from 32-68 gallons, and scrubbing performance available in either disc or cylindrical. Industry-leading features include speed and water/solution delivery control, self-cleaning squeegees, non-marking tires, 1-touch operation, standard spray hose, onboard diagnostics, and a variety of aftermarket options to boost each individual need (off aisle wands, pre-sweep attachment, and vacuum wand).



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