B400 RH

Key Features:
  • 105 gallon Solution and Recovery Tank
  • 48″ Scrub Path, 3 disc brushes
  • 810Ah monoblock battery & charger
  • 60″ Dry sweeping path with dust control
  • Dual side sweeping brooms as standard equipment
  • 5.3 cubic feet Dry sweeping hopper
  • Empty debris up to 65″
  • One button operation to begin sweeping and scrubbing in one pass
  • Industry leading warranty



New in 2022, the PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 RH offers an industrial combination of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass.  A true Sweeper-Scrubber, where surfaces are cleaned 2x by independent dry sweeping and wet scrubbing brushes.  The industry-leading tank capacity of 105 gallons, provides fewer empty/refill cycles and more time for productive cleaning.  Simple 1-touch buttons and upfront steering make the B400 RH simple to use for all operators.  Standard features include an LCD operator panel, self-loading brushes, self-cleaning squeegee, solution tank water level indicators, and onboard diagnostics.  Customers that prefer traditional or true sweeper-scrubbers include Warehousing, Distribution centers, Manufacturing, and large open spaces with polished concrete.

Length with Squeegee: 110.63 in / 281 cm
Width w/wo Squeegee: 65.35 in / 166 cm – 63 in / 160 cm
Height w/wo Overhead Guard: 83.46 in / 212 cm – 59 in / 150 cm
Weight with Battery: 4,500 lbs.
Weight without Battery: 2,490 lbs.
Permissible Weight without Options: 5,754 lbs / 2,610 kg
Noise Level Drivers Ear: 74 db(A)

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