The Nautilus is widely considered the workhorse of the scrubbing industry. The agricultural all-steel constructed frame reflects the strength and performance of the flagship product within the PowerBoss rider scrubber offering. Utilizing a single set of cylindrical brushes, the Nautilus can accomplish both sweeping and scrubbing tasks in a single pass. The Nautilus offers the industry’s largest tank capacity at 105 gallons and is outfitted with an all-stainless steel scrubbing deck. A high-quality Kubota engine compliments the industrial grade construction and ensures a lifetime reliability. Most impressive is the optional onboard self-generating hot water system called TGT (Thermal Green Technology). By harnessing the temperature created by the internal engine, cleaning water temperatures are increased as much as +70 degrees above ambient temperature. This heated water can significantly improve the cleaning results in numerous applications. In addition, operators and mechanics prefer the Nautilus as it’s simple to maintain, easy access the hopper, squeegee, no tools change brushes, 1-touch operation, and all hydraulic design. Common applications for the Nautilus include warehousing, heavy manufacturing, outdoor, parking ramps, sports stadiums, general construction clean-up, and distribution centers.


Key Features:
  • 45” Main Scrubbing Path
  • 60”/62” w/Side Scrub or Sweep
  • 105 Gallon Solution/ 105 Gallon Recovery Tank Capacity
  • Kubota – Gasoline, LPG, or Diesel Engine
  • TGT (Thermal Green Technology) – Onboard Hot Water Generation
  • 1-Touch Scrubbing Features
  • Stainless Steel Scrubbing Deck and Debris Hopper
  • Up to 400 lbs. of Scrubbing Down Pressure
  • No Tools Change Brushes and Squeegees
  • Agricultural Grade Steel Frame
  • Industry Leading Machine and Engine Warranty


Ease of Use

After removing the engine panels, no tools required, this provides 360 degree accessibility around the engine, radiator, hydraulic pump, vacuum motor, hydraulic tank and the electrical system. This provides the opportunity to keep the machine maintained properly. The easiest task can be difficult if things are in the way. That is not the story with the NAUTILUS.

Overhead Guard: Four post overhead guard with safety light. Optional equipment.

Easy Clean Recovery Tank: A large drain hose provides quick and clean draining of the dirty water. Two large doors at the top of the tank and one 8” access cap provide easy access for washing the recover y tank free of sediment.

Brush Diameter: 12″
Brush Pressure: 200-400lbs
Brush Speed: 425rpm
Front Wheels: 16″ x 6″ molded
Front Wheels: 16″ x 6″ molded
Height: 60.5″
Length: 95″
Rear Wheels: 18″ x 5″ press-on
Recovery Capacity: 105 gallon
Solution Capacity: 105 gallon
Turning Radius: 107.7″
Weight: 4,800lbs
Weight without drive/batteries: 3,250lbs
Cleaning width: 45″ or 60″ w/ Side Scrub brush