The Scrubmaster B175 offers operator comfort, industrial durability and superior cleaning results, all in one compact package. The B175 is available in two versatile cleaning platforms to meet every day cleaning needs: 33” dual cylindrical for wet sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass, or 42” dual disc for a balanced deep scrub for high-performance flooring needs. In addition, the B175 disc model offers an optional pre-sweep attachment that immediately transforms the machine into a TRUE sweeper-scrubber (dry sweep and wet scrub in a single pass).

Scrub longer without the need to empty and refill, as the B175 offers independent 46-gallon solution and 46-gallon recovery tanks. Improve the safety and performance with speed dosing water control. The B175 will automatically vary the flow of water based on the transport speed of the operator. Additional operator features include: eyes forward front wheel drive, one-touch all function buttons, no tools change brushes/squeegees, on-board spray hose, hands free auto load/unloading brushes, and an onboard USB charger. Simple and easy to maintain with yellow “no tools needed” touch points and the industry’s only lift and lock squeegee blade for easy care and protection. 



Key Features:
  • Vivid Color LCD Operators Control Panel
  • One-Touch All Functions Button
  • Transport Speed Regulated Solution Flow
  • 36-Volt, 315 AH Batteries and Charger
  • 33” Dual Cylindrical or 42” Dual Disc Scrubbing Performance
  • 46 Gallon Solution/46 Gallon Recovery Tank Capacity
  • Lift and Lock Rear Squeegee Blade
  • Industrial Stainless-Steel Scrubbing Deck Components and Squeegee Frame
  • No Tools Needed Brushes and Squeegee Maintenance
  • Maximum Water Recovery
  • Recovery Tank Debris Screen
  • Non-Marking High Traction Tires
  • Clean-Out Spray Hose
  • Ergonomic Operators Seat and Steering Wheel
  • Onboard USB Charger
  • Onboard Diagnostics



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