Key Features:
  • Agricultural Grade All Steel Construction
    Kubota Engine (LPG, Gasoline or Diesel)
  • Standard Sweeping With of 53”
  • Dual Side Broom Width of 63”
  • 10 ft^3 full Rotating Hopper
  • 650 lb. Hopper Lifting Capacity
  • RTR (Rotary Trash Relocator)
  • 60” Variable Empty Height
  • 1 Micron Dust Filtration @ 99% efficiency
  • 0.3 Microns Dust Filtration @ 99.7% efficiency (HEPA Option)
  • Industry Leading Warranty



The Armadillo 6x from offers severe environment performance on a compact industrial platform. The 6x features a standard Kubota engine (Gasoline, LPG or Diesel) and the proprietary Armadillo Series feature: RTR (rotary trash relocator). This feature allows debris to be relocated or compacted within the hopper during the sweeping process. Resulting in less time spent emptying and more time sweeping than conventional sweepers. The all-steel construction interior and exterior presents a true weatherproof design. Simple to service and maintain, no tools change brushes, and a single replaceable dust panel filter.  The all-hydraulic design offers long lasting reliability and simple operation. Silica dust solutions and high dust solutions are available on 6x including water suppression, HEPA filtration, and MERV-17 solutions. Common applications include but not limited to mining, heavy duty manufacturing, outdoor parking ramps, warehousing, and high or severe dust applications.

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Height: 53 inch
Hopper Capacity: 650 lbs
Length: 79 inch
Main Broom: 36 inch
Side Broom: 24 inch
Weight: 2550 lbs
Width: 53 inch
Cleaning width: 53 inch