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Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect For Your Hospital Floors

Your hospital may not be as clean as you think. In fact, your floors alone can be a serious infection risk. Because of this, your hospital staff, patients and visitors may end up falling ill over time.

Dangerous Pathogens Can Be Found All Over Hospital Floors

A recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control has found that germs on hospital room floors can move to high-touch surfaces rapidly and straight to the hands of healthcare workers. Hospital floors contaminated with pathogens like VRE, Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile.

Because high-touch accessories such as blood pressure cuffs and call buttons tend to come into contact with the floor, these pathogens can readily be transmitted to both patients and hospital workers. In fact, these pathogens showed up in 31 percent of hand and glove cultures during a recent test.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine

Moreover, researchers also found that 57 percent of the contaminated objects that came into contact with the floor managed to transfer dangerous pathogens to people’s hands. These pathogens can cause a range of serious infections among anyone, including bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, wound infections, as well as pneumonia.

To help prevent this, you need some serious equipment to wipe out serious pathogens from your hospital floor. In other words, you need some reliable industrial floor cleaning machines to get the job done.

Floor Sweepers

A floor sweeper can readily go through your hospital floors and sweep off any piece of dirt on them. They are easy to maneuver making cleaning much easier for your staff. What’s more, you can also get a rider floor sweeper to make your cleaning staff a lot more comfortable on the job.

Floor Scrubbers

When you need something that readily does dust control while scrubbing and vacuuming the hospital floors, you need a good industrial floor scrubber. Depending on the unit you are getting, these can come with three separate drive motors for the scrubbing brushes that easily produce a much cleaner result. Moreover, its rider versions are designed to also make it easier for the operator to clean much closer to walls and other objects, helping make sure that hospital rooms and hallways are cleaner than before.

Critical Filter Vacuum

A critical filter vacuum is designed to make sure that potentially hazardous contaminants can be safely collected from your hospital floors. These include, mold, mercury, asbestos, lead and even nuclear waste.

Don’t put your staff, patients and visitors at great risk from exposure to dangerous pathogens. Clean the bacteria out of your hospital floors immediately before anyone gets sick. Doing this will demonstrates that you are dedicated to providing utmost care and service to your patients.

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