Armadillo series offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide extra years of consistently reliable service. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. The New Atlas sweeper is the result of market driven needs, state of the art design and manufacturing expertise. They incorporate features and benefits that make owning and operating a power sweeper as productive and uncomplicated as it ever could be.

Our ride on sweeper inventory includes machines for every facility’s needs and budget. Read on to learn more about our ride on sweepers!

Armadillo 6X

The smallest member of the Armadillo series still offers incredible cleaning power with a 36-inch main broom, 24-inch side broom and hopper capacity of 650 pounds. The 53-inch cleaning width makes it ideal for tight spaces, and the Armadillo 6X offers a long lifespan.

Armadillo 9X

The Armadillo 9X is a cost-effective models that feature hopper capacities of up to 1,500 pound, 48-inch main brooms, 24-inch side brooms and cleaning widths of 62 inches. This powerful ride on sweeper is capable of cleaning up to 184,800 square feet per hour. 

PowerBoss has MERV 17 High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter sweepers that comply with the OSHA dust control standards. To learn more about the MDC 9X Armadillo, click here! 

Armadillo 10X

The Armadillo 10x ride on sweeper from Powerboss offers the ideal combination of quality, affordability and power. Manufactured to meet even the most rigorous cleaning requirements, this heavy-duty machine providers a longer lifespan that most other conventional sweepers and is capable of cleaning 217, 800 square feet per hour.


This exceptional ride on sweeper offers unmatched engine accessibility, which saves maintenance times and provides for a longer engine life. The Atlas comes complete with the Safety Vision Dumping System, which allows the operator to easily and safely dispose of debris at heights up to 60 inches, and the hopper also features an opening for debris that should not be swept, giving the operator a place to easily deposit materials that may otherwise be left behind. Other remarkable features include a safety vision dump window, power control dust collection system, heavy duty design and exceptional ground clearance that makes it easy to sweep medians and sidewalks without damage the ride on sweeper.

PowerBoss has MERV 17 High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter sweepers that comply with the OSHA dust control standards. To learn more about the MDC Atlas, click here! 

Apex 58

This ride on sweeper is ideal for any outdoor or indoor sweeping job and has excellent climbing ability thanks to its powerful drive. The Apex series of machines are capable of long run times of up to 10 hours for the LPG, gas and diesel models and up to 3 hours for the battery model. This series also features large wheels that keep the driver comfortable on uneven surfaces and allow effortless mounting of curbs, large coarse dirt flaps that pickup even large items like wood and stones, and a 60-inch high dump hopper that makes emptying debris into larger containers simple.

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